A Poem

Man covering eyes from istockphotos

You see but you pretend that you don’t see

You cover your eyes to all the truths that are in front of you

There is a light and you have looked at it

For a moment you gazed but you turned away your face

Stepping back and once again you stand in limbo

You stay and you touch the darkness

The light is behind you

You know

But you deny it

Cause you shake every time

Questions flood your mind

There is somewhere you are supposed to be

There is something you are supposed to do

But you turn away every time it beckons you

You linger in the questions and the confusion

Clarity seems frightening to you

But what do you know?

You long for the secrets and the meaning

You long for the truth

So why do you keep turning your back?

Someone waits for you to return

To be brave and look at the light

You have to stop running backwards

Live and keep moving forward!


Photo taken from Robert Johnson’s

Some people find themselves caught in the middle of certainty and uncertainty about the existence of The Creator. They are afraid to surrender to the realization that they’ve reached and they decide not to make another step. They end up becoming neither an atheist nor a believer, some call themselves agnostic. I feel somehow they have reached a degree of awareness but they become scared and they don’t have faith. It’s sad but it’s true. I think that is why some of them just express it through their songs. They linger in the confusion or divert their attention just to get rid of the “existential angst.” They don’t want to deal with it because they are just scared and some of them don’t even know it.


photo taken from The Wisdom Daily by Rabbi Brad Hirschfield

Violate a mitzvah for the sake of another and for life.

–There are times when one has to violate one mitzvah to save another person’s life. It is permitted and it is mandatory. The depth of this rule has just dawned to me clearer than before. The spiritual benefit that many others can derive from your violation of that mitzvah, brings life to them, it brings more light compared to what your individual mitzvah can do so long as the intentions are pure. Your transgression can pull a degree of darkness, yes, but it will faint in comparison to the light that the others have created through it. I can consider it as an act of self sacrifice so long as it’s genuinely done.